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Gimme props, Slut
Gimme props, Slut

Yo. I jus paid da bondsman, and I needa give a shout out to dat nukka Luda. Somebody finally said it–somebody other than AfroShizzle!

Luda said Hillary’s an uppity bitch, McCain should be in a wheelchair, and that Obama is gonna paint da White House BLACK. Also, he made sure to mention in his non-judgmental and easy to understand lyrbonics that the white republicans are skurred. Das right! Damn crackers better be skurred! Obama and his Baby Mama are gonna dominate the House, and ain’t shiet you can do, Whitey!


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Well damn. Homies no be writing shiznit because we done gots ourselves ARRESTED. Weez just standing around looking at Tawana’s breasts, they be spilling out of her tanktop like a soo-namie! Den, we’s just standing around and dis guy comes up and he’s like, “I gots me some extra crack and I know you be wanting some, so how’s about it?” I never smoke crack before I swear your honor! So den we buys the crack and next thing I know I be getting handcuffed and thrown in jail! Damn! I just got outs of here last Wednesday, I be thinking.

Den we have court and I get 60 days in the slammah! I ask for a bit of leen-eencie so I can gets out in time for my homies return to Anacostia! Let’s get a shout out for doze homies, LaDYnasty and CadillacJackson!

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